AORTA News: November 23rd, 2020

Water Stop Volunteers Needed
Water stop signs and coolers are available at the following location: 
1536 Professional Parkway, Auburn, AL. (Thank you Adahli Massey!). Coolers and signs can be picked up Monday-Thursday from 8AM-4PM and on Fridays from 8AM-12 noon. Items are in the room next to the back door. If you are unable to pick up supplies on these dates/times, e-mail to make alternative arrangements (we deliver!).

Thanksgiving Day Fun Run, Thursday!
        *** Non-Members Welcome ***
- DateThursday, November 26, 2020
- Location: TCBY (next to Kroger), Auburn, AL
- Distances: 3 and 5 Miles (Links to routes below)
- Time: 7:00 AM
- Cost
Free (No t-shirts or medals for this one!)
Come and celebrate Thanksgiving Day in Auburn with a morning group run!. Choose to run, jog, or walk a 3 or 5 mile course… your choice. No registration required.  We’ll kick off the run at 7:00 AM!

AORTA Thanksgiving Day 3M Run      AORTA Thanksgiving Day 5M Run    

Upcoming Local/Regional Events!

Unity World AIDS Day Race (Virtual)
- When:
 November 15 - December 5, 2020
- Distance(s): 1-Mile, 8K
- Description: All proceeds are donated to Unity Wellness Center's Client emergency assistance fund. The World AIDS Day 8K is in honor of all those living with HIV and who have died from AIDS related illness in our community. Run/walk the distance on your own, either on the official World AIDS Day course or on a course of your choosing and then submit your time to be added to the Unity Wellness Center Run results leader board. Post a picture of your run to Facebook or Instagram using #UWC8k and be entered to win raffle prizes!

Auburn Toy Drive 1-Mile, 5K, 10K VIrtual
- Date: November 29, 2020
- Location: Anywhere you like!
- Distance(s): 1-Mile, 5K, 10K
Charity: The Virtual Auburn Toy Drive 10k, 5k and 1-mile fun run is a great way to start the holiday season with giving! All participants may run or walk any of the races at any time, anywhere before November 29th. We will do a shirt pickup that afternoon. All are asked to bring a new, unwrapped toy to the shirt pickup to be distributed to children in need in Lee County. You can run the race by yourself or split it up with others/family!  Since the race is virtual this year, we are going to have one $5 sign up fee per person and we are going sell the awesome long sleeve Tie Dye shirts for $19 each. (This is basically cost) The youth sizes will be short sleeve.  We won't do awards this year but Male and Female winners will have their picture immortalized on the web page. Results and photos can be submitted to the runsignup website.

2020 Track ‘Em Tigers Virtual 5K
- When: December 4-6, 2020
- Distance: 5K
Cost: FREE
DescriptionJoin the Auburn Alumni Association as we run, walk, bike, roller blade, and so much more from all areas across the world, on the exact same weekend. Whether it’s 3.1 miles in Auburn, 3.1 miles on the bike trails, or 3.1 miles over 3,100 miles away, we invite you to participate with us.  We have missed seeing our Auburn Family at the hospitality tailgate, reunions, club events, and on campus for a stroll on Samford and a styrofoam cup of Toomer’s Lemonade. While we cannot invite everyone to participate in an in-person 5K, we want to continue to foster the Auburn spirit by reaching a larger audience than we ever have before.

2020 Jingle Jog 5K
DateSaturday, December 19th, 2020
Location: Toomer's Corner, Downtown Auburn
Time: 7:00 AM (Jingle Jog 5K)
Distance: 5K
The Jingle Jog 5k is back in 2020 – so pull out those ugly sweaters and Santa hats Auburn! Join Active Auburn on Saturday, December 19th at 7 a.m. as we ring in the holiday season in style! The Jingle Jog 5k will begin at 7:00 a.m. at Toomer’s Corner.

Weekly Whimsy

The Case For Running Lower Mileage
Emilia Benton, Runner’s World (paraphrased)

Many runners get the idea that in order to see gains, you have to do more. The fact is that your performance depends on your fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fiber predisposition.

As a refresher, fast-twitch fibers have more powerful force but fatigue quickly; slow-twitch muscle-fibers are less powerful but more fatigue-resistant. Our muscles contain both types, but your personal ratio can vary depending on factors such as muscle function, age, and training history.

Physiology can vary greatly between two athletes who seem the same on the surface. So if you’re a fast-twitch athlete trying to push the same training as a slower-twitch athlete, it may have the opposite effect of what you’re looking for and may actually make you get slower. In other words, for some people, less truly is more.

The tricky part is that it’s hard to know your specific muscle fiber ratio, and thus what type of athlete you are. A lab test is optimal but few of us have access to that. In general, it may help to look at your expected PRs at shorter distances relative to longer ones. That method is not foolproof, but may help you estimate your strengths and where you fall on the spectrum.

Lifestyle Factors Matter
Most people aren’t suited for higher mileage simply because they’re not elite athletes. Professional athletes eat well, stretch, have hot and cold therapies, massage therapy, and chiropractor appointsments every day because pretty much everything in their lives revolves around running. The average person with a full-time job is not able to do the same, so it comes down to working within your lifestyle and what your body can manage to do and still recover from.

Pack Quality Into Lower-Mileage Training Plans
Focus on doing two harder but longer-distance sessions per week, with a recovery run the next day that’s shorter and very easy. A common misconception when training on lower mileage is that you need to supplement off days with cardio cross-training. However, some experts believe that aerobic cross-training is not 100 percent of a crossover to performance improvement. In other words, you may be better off just letting your body and muscles fully recover on days that you’re not running.

Instead, incorporate regular strength workouts with a combination of weight-lifting and plyometric exercises. The purpose of strength work is to use all your muscles and produce power to help you feel “springy” when you run. These workouts will make your steps more powerful and add length to every stride, which is how you get faster.

Strength training is essential for lower mileage runners because you’re not getting as much stress on your legs to be able to build that strength through running alone.

Identify Signs Of Overtraining
Constant soreness, fatigue, or overuse injuries signals that higher numbers are detrimental in the long term and that your body craves more rest and recovery. The adage to "listen to your body" applies here. Also watch for an increase in your resting heart rate. If you know what’s normal for you and notice that it starts to rise more than 10 percent, that’s a sign that you need to make serious adjustments.

Take Personal Notes And Avoid Comparison
Comparison is the thief of joy in both life and running. We continually forget what works for us and then get scared or insecure based on what we see others are doing, and then fall into the same vicious cycle of injuyr or overtraining mistakes. Stop comparing yourself to other athletes and just trust the process.

Link to Runner’s World article

Quote of the Week

     “Life is for participating,
                    not for spectating."

                          - Kathrine Switzer

Video of the Week
What Runners Hate About Running (1:42)

Do You Agree?

** AORTA provides this informational video to its members as a courtesy and does not endorse any particular product, process or service.

Ongoing Events

6AM Saturday “Group" Runs

We’re now over a month back with water stops and while we’ve removed the 10 person group restriction, we still ask that all abide by the following additional protocols.

1) Maintain social distancing
2) Bring your own water if you don’t wish to use the group water stops.
3) Remain at home if you are sick, are in a high-risk group (60+), or have a pre-existing condition.
4) Avoid extra-long runs (marathon distances) which can suppress your immune system for as long as 72 hours. If you want to push yourself, consider HIIT sessions (10 mins hard, 10 mins easy) which are easier on your immune system.

Routes start at the Corner Village parking lot at the intersection of E. Glenn Ave and N. Dean Road. Please park near theTCBY/PakMail storefronts and away from the Kroger entrance.

Saturday Runs - Be Safe!
Leaving the heat and humidity of summer behind us, we welcome the cooler mornings that the fall season brings to the “Loveliest village on the Plains.”  Despite these more pleasant running conditions, we runners need to mindful of the dangers that come with the associated darkness. To encourage more “safe running”, follow these guidelines when running before sunrise or after sunset:
1) Stay on sidewalks when available.  If there are none, run against traffic to see oncoming cars.
2) Be visible! Wear highly reflective gear, a headlamp and/or flashing light.
3) Choose well-lit streets and routes when possible.
4) Ditch the music which could dull your senses of other potential dangers.

AORTA Travel & Shoe Bags
These awesome bags are still available and can be ordered today!  Click here or on the photo below.  Payments can be made through PayPal or credit/debit cards. Quantities are limited so get yours before their gone!
   AORTA Travel Bag: $25
   AORTA Shoe Bag: $15

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