AORTA News: September 20th, 2021

Local Race This Week!

ODK Cake Run
- When:
 Tuesday, September 21, 2021
       ** Note date change from Sep 20th **
- Time: 4:30 PM
- Where: Auburn University
- Fee: Free!
Registration: Opens September 3rd
- Description: The ODK Cake Race is an annual 5k put on by the Auburn University chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa honor society. This is part of the kick off for Homecoming week at Auburn University. We look forward to seeing everyone at the run!

Link to Race Results

Upcoming Local Races

East Alabama FCA Run The Race 5K
- When: Saturday, October 16, 2021
Time: 8:00 AM
 Where: Ogletree Village
- Fee: $30, (10 & Under - $10)
- Description: All Proceeds from this event will go to support the mission of FCA here in East Alabama which is, “To lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.” 

Auburn Tough Ten & Tough Two
- When: Saturday, October 23, 2021
Time: 7:30 AM (2 and 10 Mile)
 Where: Ogletree Village
- Fee: $25 (Tough Two), $35 (Tough Ten)
- Description: Run, jog or walk a scenic 10 mile or 2 mile route through the moderately rolling hills of Auburn, AL. Strollers and dogs on leashes welcome and encouraged. All proceeds are donated to the East Alabama Medical Center's Foundation for Breast Cancer Early Detection and all participants will be given a pink ribbon to wear. Additionally, the Tough 10/2 race is in honor of Nick Holler, dedicated runner and community leader.

Unity World AIDS Day Race
- When: Saturday, November 20, 2021
- Time: 8:00 (1-Mile), 8:30 (5K)
- Where: Town Creek Park
- Distance(s): 1-Mile, 5K
- Fee: $20 (1-Mile), $25 (5K), $10 (Virtual)
  * Shirt included for 1-Mile and 5K.  Register by Oct 31st to guarantee a t-shirt. Additional fee for virtual option.
Awards: Top 3 male/female  runners and top male/female in age group 
 (17 & under, 18-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51+)
- Charity: Run, jog or walk a scenic 5K route through the moderately rolling hills of Auburn, AL. The race will start and finish at Town Creek Park. Strollers and dogs on leashes welcome and encouraged.
World AIDS Day
 is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, to show support for people living with HIV, and to commemorate those who have died from an AIDS-related illness. Founded in 1988, World AIDS Day was the first ever global health day.
Unity Wellness Center provides HIV testing & counseling, HIV primary medical care, medical case management services, and HIV prevention education and awareness programs. Any money raised from this event will go towards an Emergency Assistance fund for our Clients. 

Heroes of America
- When: Saturday, November 20, 2021
Time: 8:00 AM
 Where: Fort Benning, Georgia
Distance(s): 5K, Half-Marathon, Marathon
- Fee: $25-$105 individuals, $200-$255 relays
- Description: The Heroes of America Marathon and Half Marathon Saturday, November 20, 2021 race starts and finishes at the National Infantry Museum, runs through parts of Ft Benning and on the beautiful Columbus RiverWalk.  The course is reasonably flat with one hill and a few short inclines. The weather is usually clear with a low in the mid 30's to 40's and a high in the mid 60's. The Heroes of America 5k also starts at the National Infantry Museum immediately after the Half Marathon start. Because of the width of the Riverwalk the Heroes of America Marathon does not allow participants who use hand-cranks. 

Auburn Toys for Tots 1-Mile, 5K, 10K
- Date: Sunday, November 28, 2021
- Location: Wrights Mill Road Elementary
- Time: TBD
- Distance(s): 1-Mile, 5K, 10K
Charity: AORTA’s popular annual Toys for Tots race is scheduled for Sunday, November 28th, and
 once again will start/finish at Wrights Mill Road Elementary School. There will be 3 races, a 

1 mile fun run, 5K and 10K.  Cost is TBD. All registered runners are also requested to donate a new, unwrapped toy as part of their registration. Awards will be presented at the end of the race.

 Most importantly, all toys and proceeds will be donated to the Toys for Tots Program and distributed to disadvantaged children in the area.

Jingle Jog 5K & Santa Stroll 1-Mile
DateSaturday, December 4th, 2021
Location: Toomer's Corner, Downtown Auburn
Time: 7:30 AM (Santa Stroll Fun Run/Walk(
          8:00 AM (Jingle Jog 5K)
Distance(s:) 1-Mile, 5K
Description: The Jingle Jog 5k and Santa Stroll Fun Run are back in 2021 – so pull out those ugly sweaters and get ready to run again! Join Active Auburn as we ring in the holiday season in style!  PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to run both the Santa Stroll and the Jingle Jog, please register for the Jingle Jog!

War Eagle Run Fest
- When: Sunday, February 20, 2022
Time: 8:00 AM
 Where: Auburn, AL
Distance(s): 1-Mile, 5K, Half-Marathon
- Fee: $15 (1-Mile), $20 (5K), $55 (Half-Marathon). Prices increase 10/18.
- Description: FRESHJUNKIE Racing, in conjunction with Auburn-Opelika Tourism and Auburn University are proud to present the Inaugural War Eagle Run Fest.  Athletes and fans can choose from either a half marathon (13.1 miles) or 5k (3.1 miles) to test their mettle while touring the campus and FLYING DOWN THE FIELD to a 50-yard line finish. There will also be a 1 mile run for the Little Tigers.  After gathering your commemorative medal, join us outside the stadium for our post-race tailgate and enjoy the music and food that Auburn fans have come to love. Whether you are staff, student, alumni or just a fan, join us and be a part of the Inaugural War Eagle Run Fest. 

Join us every Saturday in October to benefit the Food Bank of East Alabama. This year more than most; the need is great. Please donate unexpired canned foods and non-perishable items.  Bring items to our meeting area in front of TCBY before our group run start time of 6AM.  If you prefer to make separate arrangements to have your donations picked up, contact us at

Most Needed Items
Canned Meats (tuna, chicken and salmon, etc.)
Canned Vegetables
Canned Fruits
Canned and Boxed Meals (soup, macaroni and cheese, etc.)
Peanut Butter
Canned or Dried Beans
Pasta, Rice, Cereal
Fruit Juice (canned, plastic or boxed)

Weekly Whimsy

Expert Tips for Proper Running Form From Head to Toe
Ashley Mateo, Runner’s world

The best runners make it look effortless, but there’s a lot that goes into running efficiently. Having proper running form is a lot easier said than done. Your unique running mechanics are determined by the strength and flexibility of certain muscles and how your body is built. In simple terms, the better your form, the easier running feels - especially when you start to get fatigued. Here’s how to ensure proper running form.

Your Head
First, don’t look at your feet. Instead, gaze directly in front of you. Keep your chin level and don’t tilt it up or down which happens when you get tired. Your eyes can look anywhere, but a focused gaze keeps your neck in proper alignment with your spine. Your ears should be in line with your shoulders.

Your Shoulders
Pull your shoulders back like you’re squeezing a pencil between your shoulder blade. Ideally, your shoulders should move independently of your torso and opposite of one another. So when your right foot is forward, your left shoulder is also forward. They should operate in that X pattern. 

Your Arms
Arms should be at a 90-degree angle. Move your palms or fists from chin to hip to help you propel your body forward. Keep elbows close to your sides. If your elbows point outward, that means your arms are crossing your body, which actually slows you down. Also try pointing your thumbs up to keep your arms in line.

Your Hands
This sounds like a minor thing, but keep your hands relaxed. The more you squeeze your hands, the more energy that you’re getting rid of through your hands.

Your Torso
Your back is the source of your power and the center of gravity while running, so that’s an area you want to make sure you’re always training. Keep a long, tall spine so that you’re not crunched down. Always keep a tight core while running to keep from going too far forward or too far backward.

That doesn’t mean your core doesn’t move or react. When you step forward, you should torque over towards that side so you have most of the weight over that leg such that the power gets generated through and stays through the torso.

Your Hips
Lean slightly into the run versus running completely upright. That lean should come from your hips, not from rolling your shoulders forward. That means your torso will be slightly forward of your hips. This will help your gluteus maximus to derive the most power you can get out of your stride.

Your Knees
Knees should be in line with the middle of your feet so that when the your foot strikes the ground, it’s right under your knee. Many runners, when fatigued, struggle with the runner shuffle, where they’re barely picking their feet off the ground. If that’s the case, try lifting your knees a little higher so you have a little more time in the air for your foot to get in the right position.

Your Legs
Everyone’s stride and gait is a bit different which is fine. But the easiest way to think about your lower body is to think about your shin being as close to perpendicular as possible when the foot hits the ground. If a person is a heel striker, their angle is too big, if a forefoot striker, their angle is too small. Either way, you’re opening yourself up to injuries in the other foot or knee. 

Your Feet
Surprisingly, there’s no right or wrong way for your feet to hit the ground, as long as you’re actually using them to push off (instead of just lifting them). That said, the idea is to aim to hit the road with the ball of your foot. That’ll halp you propel forward better, and your stride won’t come out too far in front of you.

If you happen to naturally run on your toes or heel strike, rather than focusing on chaninging your stride, talk to an expert about getting into a proper shoe - perhaps with more cushinoning - that will help keep you injury-free.

What About Hills?
On an uphill, press your hip bones forward to give yourself more power and help avoid hunching over. Shorten your stride and run more on your toes to make it feel easier. Lift your knees higher and pump your arms a little bit more so your legs aren’t doing all the work. Set your gaze six to 10 feet ahead to make it feel you’re more on a flat surface.

On the downhill, let gravity take you instead of putting the brakes on, which puts a lot of pressure on the knees. Think about keeping your nose over your toes. Don’t let your shoulders pull forward. That lean should still come from the hips.

Link to Runner’s World article

Quote of the Week

   “If you don’t think you were born to run you’re not only denying history. You’re denying who you are.”     

                          Christohpyer McDougall
                          Author of Born To Run

Video of the Week

Run For Fun? (0:27)

** AORTA provides this informational video to its members as a courtesy and does not endorse any particular product, process or service.

Ongoing Events

Training Program For Heroes of America Marathon

For those planning to run the “Heroes of America” Marathon in November, we started the 18-week Saturday long runs on July 24th. The full marathon training program along with detailed daily schedules and instructions is provided by Hal Higdon's "Intermediate II" Marathon Training Guide. If you’re a beginner or more advanced marathoner, there are several other program that are available to view. To see these, simoply click on the Hal Higdon logo to the right.

Auburn Frank Brown Recreation Center
Tired of long runs outside in the heat and humidity? Prefer to run inside but don’t have access to a treadmill?  If you live or work in Auburn, you’re in luck!  For a one-time fee of $25, you'll have lifetime access to the Frank Brown Fitness Center. The cardio room features a bank of treadmills, cross trainers and stationary bikes. The strength room offers free weights and multi-press machines. Information and applications are available at the link below.

Frank Brown Recreation Center

RunGo For Turn-By-Turn Directions!

After nearly 2 months of testing, we are adding RunGo support for our Saturday group runs and all future races! Instead of following a printed map, memorizing routes, or writing directions on your hand, use the RunGo app to get AUDIO turn-by-turn directions directly from your Android phone, iPhone, or even AppleWatch!

RunGo provides turn-by-turn navigation allowing you to just enjoy your runs without having to think about looking for street names and when you may have to turn next. Other great features include, audio cues with your running stats, split updates, the ability to share your runs via social media, and create new routes. Another great feature of the app is the ability to work offline. You can create and download your routes ahead of time, before your run so you don’t have to use data during your run.

Water Stop Volunteers Needed
Water stop signs and coolers are available at the following location: 1536 Professional Parkway, Auburn, AL. (Thank you Adahli Massey!). Coolers and signs can be picked up Monday-Thursday from 8AM-4PM and on Fridays from 8AM-12 noon. Items are in the room next to the back door. If you are unable to pick up supplies on these dates/times, e-mail to make alternative arrangements (we deliver!).

Race Volunteers Needed!
As a runner, we know your time is valuable. But if you have a couple hours to spare, we could use your help for one of the upcoming AORTA supported or directed races! Assisting at a local race is a fun and rewarding experience. You are surrounded by health conscious individuals that, like you, are motivated fitness enthusiasts and appreciate the effort of volunteers.

 AORTA Travel & Shoe Bags

These awesome bags are still available and can be ordered today!  Click here or on the photo below.  Payments can be made through PayPal or credit/debit cards. Quantities are limited so get yours before their gone!
   AORTA Travel Bag: $25
   AORTA Shoe Bag: $15

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