AORTA News: May 23rd, 2022

Upcoming Local Races!

Summer 5K Series - Opelika
It’s time to get the Summer Swing 5K runs rolling!  First run is Tuesday May 3rd at 6:15pm.  This year there are 14 runs scheduled, finishing up on August 2nd.  You can find all of the run series information at  The course is a measured and marked 5K in residential neighborhoods with low traffic.  Runners/walkers of all fitness levels are welcome.  Registration fee is still only $10 for the series, with 18 and under free.  Hope to see a good turnout this year!

Doug Underwood

Heroes of America Marathon
The Heroes of America Marathon and Half Marathon Saturday, May 28, 2022 race starts and finishes at the National Infantry Museum, runs through parts of Ft Benning and on the beautiful Columbus RiverWalk.  The course is reasonably flat with one hill and a few short inclines. The Heroes of America 5k also starts at the National Infantry Museum immediately after the Half Marathon start. Because of the width of the Riverwalk the Heroes of America Marathon does not allow participants who use hand-cranks.

Heroes of America Looking for Pacers

Hi Friends! I am looking for pacers for the Heroes of America Marathon in Columbus, GA on May 28th. If you are interested in helping others reach their goals while having fun please email me at We need marathon pacers for finish times from 3:35 to 5:30.  Beast Pacing

Heroes of America Marathon AORTA Group Photo

All AORTA members running the half or full marathon next month are invited to meet prior to the race for a group photo. Plan to meet at the statue at 7:00 am Eastern Time directly in front of the museum where you check in. Remember that Columbus is an hour ahead of us (Auburn / Opelika) so don’t be late!!

2019 Soldier Marathon AORTA Group Picture.  Join us for this year’s photo!


Summer 5K Series - Auburn
The Auburn Summer 5K (and 1 mile Kids Run) Series started Wednesday, June 8th and runs through July 13th. The event will be held at the Auburn High School campus. Join us for 6 weeks of friendly competition and a fun boost to your racing. The 1-mile Kids Run will start at 6:15 pm followed by the 5K run at 6:30 pm. Pre-registration for all 6 weeks is $60 with a T-shirt ($45 without the t-shirt). $30 for kids under 12 for the 5K with a cotton t-shirt.  Kids 1-mile is free! Entry fees on a weekly basis is $8 for the 5K (everyone). 
Extra T-shirts are available for $20 - must order by June 8th AT THE RACE.
 Results will be posted each week.
* Link to paper registration form
* Link to online registration information

SignUpGenius AHS Summer 5K

Volunteers Needed!
If you are able, or prefer, to volunteer rather than run the race, we could use your help in assisting with the registration table, at the water stop, or with course directions and finish line.  Please consider signing up here to help on a Wednesday evening this summer. There are 6 dates for you to choose from.

Weekly Whimsy

The Importance of Easy Run Days
Frank Campo,

Easy run days are more important in a runner’s training plan than they are given credit for. Easy run days do a number of things to help prepare you for your next race or training season. First and foremost, they give your body and mind a break. You can also take the time during your easy run days to worry less about paces and time and simply enjoy your run. That’s why we all do this, right? Because we enjoy it. Easy run days also help build endurance because you can add distance without the stress of speed work throughout the workout. Depending on the training cycle, it is usually best to do the bulk of your weekly miles at a relatively slower pace and low heart rate. Consider your easy run days just that, a time to get out and forget about the splits and just enjoy running at a comfortable pace so you can build endurance. Typically, these type of easy workout days should be placed after a day of intense training as a form of active recovery. But remember that your easy days also build endurance and are by no means “junk” miles. So, how should you structure your easy run days so you get the most benefit from them?

As with every run, first start with a warm-up and an easy stretch, but be careful not to overdo it. If you tend to do most of your runs in the early morning, do some squats, lunges, and a few skips to wake your body up. It will also get your heart rate up, your blood flowing and your body warmed up enough to take on the that crisp morning air.

Start Slow
Depending on your training phase, generally these runs should be about two minutes slower than your race pace. This allows you to still maintain your form while getting the recovery benefits you are looking for. At first you may have to work on slowing yourself down in order to maintain your target heart rate; the goal is to be relaxed and to maintain a comfortable pace. These runs are structured to build endurance, strength and at times simulate the fatigue placed on the body during long-distance training.

Then Add Some Speed
When appropriate—and typically only on longer easy runs—include a few strides toward the end of your run. Better yet, add some hill repeats. These accelerations should last a few seconds at your 5K speed, with equal recovery between each set. Putting this demand on tired legs helps you build efficiency and strength, and will mentally prepare you for when you are tired and need to dig deep during the later stages of a race.

Post Run Stretch/Strength
It goes without saying that you should stretch after every run.This is especially true as you get older and need to keep your muscles and tendons from getting too tight. Post-run stretches should be held a bit longer (think a minimum of 30 seconds), and should be concentrated on your weakest muscle group. For runners, these areas are usually the hamstrings, calves, hips and hip flexors. This is also a good time for some focused strength training. Try some rope stretching and planks to work on the core, or for more of a challenge on tired legs incorporate side lunges.

As a rule of thumb, follow the 80/20 rule; structuring 80 percent of your weekly workouts at an easy effort and 20 percent at an intense effort. Particularly if you are a self-trained athlete, make sure your plans incorporate a healthy balance to prevent injury, or better yet follow a training plan or hire a coach. Following these simple guidelines will keep you running strong.

Link to TrainingPeaks article

Quote of the Week

     “Everyone in life is looking for a certain rush. 

               Racing is where I get mine.”

                          John Trautmann
                          92’ Olympian, NYU Coach

Video of the Week

Run With Me - Short Film (13:53)

Based on true events, this short film, written and directed by Cameron Covell, follows Matt, a boy with cerebral palsy, as he decides to run in his school's track meet.

** AORTA provides this informational video to its members as a courtesy and does not endorse any particular product, process or service.

Ongoing Events

RunGo For Turn-By-Turn Directions!

RunGo provides turn-by-turn navigation allowing you to just enjoy your runs without having to think about looking for street names and when you may have to turn next. Other great features include, audio cues with your running stats, split updates, the ability to share your runs via social media, and create new routes. Another great feature of the app is the ability to work offline. You can create and download your routes ahead of time, before your run so you don’t have to use data during your run.

Water Stop Volunteers Needed
Water stop signs and coolers are available at the following location: 1536 Professional Parkway, Auburn, AL. (Thank you Adahli Massey!). Coolers and signs can be picked up Monday-Thursday from 8AM-4PM and on Fridays from 8AM-12 noon. Items are in the room next to the back door. If you are unable to pick up supplies on these dates/times, e-mail to make alternative arrangements (we deliver!).

Race Volunteers Needed!
As a runner, we know your time is valuable. But if you have a couple hours to spare, we could use your help for one of the upcoming AORTA supported or directed races! Assisting at a local race is a fun and rewarding experience. You are surrounded by health conscious individuals that, like you, are motivated fitness enthusiasts and appreciate the effort of volunteers.

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