AORTA News: January 13th, 2020

New Year Kickoff Party!
It's that time of the year to gather and celebrate recent achievements, plan for future events, or simply enjoy friendly banter amongst fellow runners and family members at AORTA’s fourth annual New Year Kickoff Party!
WhenSaturday, January 25th
Where: The Resting Pulse
             714 1st Ave, Opelika, AL 36801

Time5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
RSVP: Sign up today through the SignUpGenius button below!

31 Members Earn 600/1200 Mile Club Status!

Congratulations to our members who completed and logged at least 600 or 1200 miles over the past year!  To recognize this awesome achievement, awardees will receive one of the following prizes below.

1200 Mile Club Award Winners for 2019
- Bob Banks                     - Ashley Burnette              - Lori Connors
- Rachel Crafton-Stiver    - David Erickson               - Dusty Hall
- Moses Kariuki                - Stephanie Kendrick        - Beth Ladisla
- Gary Leung                   - Gail Lien                          - Beverly Long
- Damion McIntosh          - Mike Milford                    - Brook Moates
- Lisa Plaisance              - Jessie Schwiesow           - Allen Smith
- Mari Wilkes                   - Keven Yost

600 Mile Club Award Winners for 2019
- Elyse Corbitt                 - Elizabeth Larson             - Chris McCharge
- Monica Molt                  - Kathryn-Ruth Sasser      - Allen Sasser
- Randall Stover              - Clem Tanaka                  - Jordan Towns
- Heath Willingham         - Mandy Yarbrough

1200 / 600 Mile Club 2020 - Sign Up Today!
It is time to sign up again for the 600 or 1200 Mile Club for 2020. Your participation does not roll over - you must sign up for this year. *NOTE THE CHANGES TO THE REQUIREMENTS!  Completing all the requirements of the 1200 Mile Club will earn you a grand prize.  If you are not that crazy, completing all the requirements of the 600 Mile club will earn you a less shiny prize package, but a great sense of accomplishment as well. Sign up for either of these at the link below. 

1200 Mile Club
In addition to logging 1200 miles during the calendar year, members of the 1200 Mile Club must
1) Be paid members of AORTA
2) Volunteer for at least THREE (3) AORTA supported races
3) Volunteer to cover at least THREE (3) Saturday run AORTA water stops.

600 Mile Club
In addition to logging 600 miles during the calendar year, members of the 600 Mile Club must
1) Be paid members of AORTA
2) Volunteer for at least TWO (2) AORTA supported races
3) Volunteer to cover at least TWO (2) Saturday run AORTA water stops.

If you have any questions, contact Keven Yost at

Weekly Whimsy

Run on a Treadmill or Run Outside?
Jordan Smith, Runner’s World (paraphrased)

Whether you run on a treadmill or running outside, you’re still running. But the two ways certainly feel different for many runners. While recent research has concluded there are a few times when logging runs one way over the other is more beneficial, overall the two forms aren’t so different.

Researchers analyzed studies that compared running on motorized treadmills to running outside. They found that both surfaces give you a relatively similar run. The slight observed differences included footstrike, knee flexion, and vertical displacement of the pelvis. They also found that surface can make the biggest difference based on certain types of injuries, and they looked at if a one percent incline really makes a difference.

Treadmill runners were observed to have a less pronounced heel strike, while outside runners tended to have more of a rearfoot strike. When pushing off on a treadmill, the speed of the belt will slightly alter your gait and your body bounces up and down less compared to running on the ground.

If you’ve been injured, you’ll want to pay attention. When rehabbing from stress fractures, one study found you’ll experience lower bone strains on your shinbone (tibia) on a treadmill. However, if you’re struggling with calf or Achilles tendon injuries, running outside may be more beneficial because it may put less force on these muscles and tendons, likely because people land more towards their mid foot or forefoot on the treadmill.

As for adding a 1-percent incline to your treadmill, it turns out most runners won’t see a difference in resistance and push off… unless one runs faster than about 8 to 10 miles per hour (around a 6:00 to 7:30 minute/mile) in which case it may be beneficial.

Pay attention to your running surface if you’re experiencing certain injuries. However, if you need to get a run in, whether outside or in the gym, choosing one over the other won’t necessarily give you a better workout.

Link to RunnerWorld article

Quote of the Week

“You have a choice. You can throw in the towel,
   or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face.

                            - Gatorade

Video of the Week
Running - Greg Warren (3:39)

** AORTA provides this informational video to its members as a courtesy and does not endorse any particular product, process or service.

Ongoing Events

Have Gently Worn Running Shoes?
Are your running shoes past their useful running life? Most are normally good for 300 to 500 miles but can still have a lot of “sole” left in them!  If yours are ready for retirement, bring your gently used running shoes on the first Saturday of every month (except this Saturday) where we’ll collect them for a fantastic organization called “Sneaker4Funds”, a social enterprise that ships them to developing nations for micro-entrepreneurs. In return, AORTA will be compensated based on the number of shoes sent.

When you bring them, please check for the following:
1) Gently worn means they are clean in usable condition and have no holes.
2) Soles are intact and not too worn, cracked, or breaking apart.
3) Laces intact, in good condition, not frayed, and tied together.

Early Morning Running Group Weekly Schedule

Due to popular demand, we've created a daily group running schedule for our early birds!  Interested members and non-members are welcome to meet, rain or shine, at the following locations at 5:00 AM and typically complete around 6 miles. Runs are canceled during severe weather (tornado warnings, lightning, etc).
Mon: Chappy’s @ Glenn/Dean
Tue: Auburn University “old” track (near Samford Ave / Biggio Dr)
Wed: CVS Pharmacy on S. College St. (park between CVS and Newk’s)
Thu: Downtown at the “old Big Dog” store next to Halftime Bar & Grill
FriCVS Pharmacy on S. College St. (park between CVS and Newk’s)

Volunteer Gift Card Drawings!
To show our appreciation for volunteers, AORTA members who sign up for a water stop or as an AORTA race support volunteer will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card for various local restaurants and shops! The drawing for water stop volunteers will be held on a monthly basis while the one for supported races will be held at the race itself!  To be eligible, you must be a club member (sign up through the RunSignUp link above) then click on one of the sites below.

Recent Volunteer Gift Card Winners!
- November Water Stops: Morgan Brown
- 2019 Toys for Tots: Brook Moates
- 2019 Jingle Jog: Ben Oni
- December Water Stops: Mari Wilkes

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