AORTA News: January 18th, 2021


Join us on Saturday, January 23rd to benefit the Food Bank of East Alabama. This year more than most; the need is great. Please donate unexpired canned foods and non-perishable items.  Bring items to our meeting area in front of TCBY before our group run start time of 6AM.  If you prefer to make separate arrangements to have your donations picked up, contact us at

Most Needed Items
Canned Meats (tuna, chicken and salmon, etc.)
Canned Vegetables
Canned Fruits
Canned and Boxed Meals (soup, macaroni and cheese, etc.)
Peanut Butter
Canned or Dried Beans
Pasta, Rice, Cereal
Fruit Juice (canned, plastic or boxed)

Jan 30: Unofficial Brown Long Marathon
Come, join us, Fellow AORTAians for the 5th Annual Unofficial Brown Long Marathon and Half Marathon.  Follow the historic route through Opelika and it's gently rolling hills. We will have self serve water stops with gatorade, snack and treats. There will be portapotties. This year we will feature a T-Shirt  for finishing. 

Date: Saturday, January 30, 2021
Location: 215 S 9th Street, Opelika, AL
Time: 6:00 AM
Cost: $25

1200 / 600 Mile Club 2021 - Sign Up Today!

It is time to sign up again for the 600 or 1200 Mile Club for 2021. Your participation does not roll over - you must sign up for this year. *NOTE THE CHANGES TO THE REQUIREMENTS!  Completing all the requirements of the 1200 Mile Club will earn you a grand prize.  If you are not that crazy, completing all the requirements of the 600 Mile club will earn you a less shiny prize package, but a great sense of accomplishment as well.

1200 Mile Club
In addition to logging 1200 miles during the calendar year, members of the 1200 Mile Club must
1) Be paid members of AORTA
2) Volunteer for at least THREE (3) AORTA supported races
3) Volunteer to cover at least THREE (3) Saturday run AORTA water stops.

600 Mile Club
In addition to logging 600 miles during the calendar year, members of the 600 Mile Club must
1) Be paid members of AORTA
2) Volunteer for at least TWO (2) AORTA supported races
3) Volunteer to cover at least TWO (2) Saturday run AORTA water stops.

If you have any questions, contact Keven Yost at

Weekly Whimsy

10 Tips to Make Winter Running Less Miserable
Yishane Lee, Runner’s World (paraphrased)

In Alabama, seaons seem to change overnight. One day you have your A/C on max; then the next morning, the temperature dips below freezing. With the right gear and mindset, winter running doesn’t have to be all bad.

Give Yourself a Carrot
Lure yourself out the door with the promise of a reward at the end. Set a date to meet someone for a run (or join AORTA for our Saturday runs!).  There’s no wimping out when someone is waiting.

Wear the Right Shoes
To keep warmth in and slush out, run in shoes that have the least amount of mesh. If you have shoes with Gore-Tex uppers, all the better. Wear socks that wick away wetness but keep your feet warm, like non-itchy SmartWool socks.

Dress Like It’s Warmer
You want to be warm without sweating so much you get a chill. The rule of thumb is to dress as if it is 10 to 20 degrees warmer. You should be slighly cool when you start. Think: layers of technical fabrics to wick sweat with zippers at the neck and underarm area to vent air as you heat up. The more you run outdoors, the more you’ll learn your own preference, or you can use the Runners’ World What to Wear tool.

Get Lit
WIth limited daylight, wear reflective, fluorescent gear, and don’t be shy about lighting yourself up like a Christmas tree. Use a headlamp or carry a flashlight so more people can see you.

Warm Up Pre-Run
Move around inside to get the blood flowing without breaking a sweat. Run up and down your stairs, use a jump rope, or do a few yoga sun salutations. The cold doesn’t feel so cold when you’re warmed up. If you’re meeting a group of running buddies, don’t stand around in the cold chatting before you run.

Outsmart the Wind
When possible, start your run into the wind and finish with it at your back, so the breeze doesn’t blast you after you’ve broken a sweat. Exposed skin is especially vulnerable to chilly gusts. If wind’s in the forecast, consider slathering up with Vaseline or opting for a face mask before heading out.

Be Flexible WIth Pace and Mileage
Winter running is more about maintenance miles than speedwork. If you can’t run in the middle of the day when the temperatures are warmest, run twice a day, three miles in the morning and three miles in the evening: That’s better than doing one long six-mile run where you might get too cold toward the end.

Change Quickly Post-Run
Change your clothes - head to toe - as soon as you can. Women need to get out of damp sports bras quickly. Put a warm, dry beenie over wet hair. And drink something hot - a steamy beverage is great, but a hearty soup does double duty by refueling your protein and sodium stores while also warming you up.

Run Well in Rain
In especially wet areas, keep a spare pair of sneakers, a running outfit, and a few towels in your car. If you have to dry shoes overnight, crumple up newspaper and cram it tightly into your shoes, with the insoles removed.

Race Someplace Warm
Having a winter race to aim for is great for keeping you motivated to train through the fall. Southern summers can be brutal for runners, but during the winter, temperatures are moderate enough to go after a PR - part of the reasons Florida alone offers many marathons in the colder months.

Link to Runner’s World article

Quote of the Week

“I think I get addicted to the feelings associated with the end of a long run. I love feeling empty, clean, worn out, and sweat-purged. I love that good ache of the muscles that have done me proud."

                              - Kristin Armstrong

Video of the Week
How to GET FAST Running SLOW: It’s not a secret (10:46)

** AORTA provides this informational video to its members as a courtesy and does not endorse any particular product, process or service.

Ongoing Events

6AM Saturday “Group" Runs

We’re now over a month back with water stops and while we’ve removed the 10 person group restriction, we still ask that all abide by the following additional protocols.

1) Maintain social distancing
2) Bring your own water if you don’t wish to use the group water stops.
3) Remain at home if you are sick, are in a high-risk group (60+), or have a pre-existing condition.
4) Avoid extra-long runs (marathon distances) which can suppress your immune system for as long as 72 hours. If you want to push yourself, consider HIIT sessions (10 mins hard, 10 mins easy) which are easier on your immune system.

Routes start at the Corner Village parking lot at the intersection of E. Glenn Ave and N. Dean Road. Please park near theTCBY/PakMail storefronts and away from the Kroger entrance.

Water Stop Volunteers Needed
Water stop signs and coolers are available at the following location: 1536 Professional Parkway, Auburn, AL. (Thank you Adahli Massey!). Coolers and signs can be picked up Monday-Thursday from 8AM-4PM and on Fridays from 8AM-12 noon. Items are in the room next to the back door. If you are unable to pick up supplies on these dates/times, e-mail to make alternative arrangements (we deliver!).

Saturday Runs - Be Safe!
Leaving the heat and humidity of summer behind us, we welcome the cooler mornings that the fall season brings to the “Loveliest village on the Plains.”  Despite these more pleasant running conditions, we runners need to mindful of the dangers that come with the associated darkness. To encourage more “safe running”, follow these guidelines when running before sunrise or after sunset:
1) Stay on sidewalks when available.  If there are none, run against traffic to see oncoming cars.
2) Be visible! Wear highly reflective gear, a headlamp and/or flashing light.
3) Choose well-lit streets and routes when possible.
4) Ditch the music which could dull your senses of other potential dangers.

AORTA Travel & Shoe Bags
These awesome bags are still available and can be ordered today!  Click here or on the photo below.  Payments can be made through PayPal or credit/debit cards. Quantities are limited so get yours before their gone!
   AORTA Travel Bag: $25
   AORTA Shoe Bag: $15

Forward any comments to the webmaster.

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