AORTA News: June 25, 2018

Summer Membership Drive!
Looking for a local running (jogging, walking) club? You’ve come to the right place. It’s easy, quick, and cheap! Simply click on the RunSignUp logo below and in no time, you’ll be an official member of the BEST running club in the Auburn-Opelika area! Your membership fees are used to offset the procurement and maintenance of equipment costs associated with sponsoring and assisting with local races. A small portion also goes to the annual holiday and summer parties as well as the 600 Mile / 1200 Mile awards.

How to Join/Renew
- Click on the RunSignUp logo at right to signup as an AORTA member online.
- Annual fees are $25 for individuals, and $30 for families with the membership period running for one year from the day of membership.

Volunteers Needed!
Our volunteer support this year has been nothing short of awesome! That said, we still have quite a few  upcoming races and are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help at the finish line! You will be surrounded by health conscious individuals that, like you, are motivated fitness enthusiasts and appreciate the effort of volunteers. If you have a few hours to spare on a weekend, come on out to enjoy a fun and rewarding experience! Click here or on Wile E. Coyote at right to signup!
*Bonus!* Volunteers are entered in a drawing for a $25 gift card every race!

Weekly Whimsy

Ultrarunner Hides in Port-a-Potty To Win Races

As reported by the New York Post, ultrarunner Kelly Agnew’s career just “went to s**t”.  Kelly was recently disqualified from the Across the Years 48-hour race when he was spotted spending time in a portable restroom rather than completing the multi-loop, mile plus course. Race officials also rescinded his first-place titles at four other races where he missed check-in points and has been banned from future races hosted by the organization. Agnew was also caught missing checkpoints at the famous Leadville 100 and has questionable times recorded for other races as well.

Link to NY Post Article

Quote of the Week

        “Most men take the straight and narrow.
             A few take the road less traveled.
                I chose to cut through the woods."

                                      - Unknown

Video of the Week
How NOT to Use a Treadmill (4:19)

Notes to self. Observe the following rules when using treadmills:
1)  Do not put the end of the treadmill next to a wall or corner.
2)  Do not attempt to bounce onto the treadmill while holding an exercise ball. 
3)  Do not use cellphone or other hand-held device while operating treadmill.

Ongoing Events

Summer 5K Series - Opelika
Looking for something fun to do this summer? Come join us for the Summer Swing 5K series, starting on May 1st and running for 13 weeks. Details are in the link to the right. Cost is a measly $10 for the whole series,or $1 per run if you want to go that route. Eighteen and under, free. Make plans to come out and join us. This 5K series is for all runners or walkers of any fitness level. Our normal attendance has been 30 to 40 runners per week, but it has grown every year, so who knows?

Summer 5K Series - Auburn
The Auburn Summer 5K (and 1 mile Kids Run) Series starts Wednesday, May 30th and runs through June 27th. Unlike last year, the event will be held at the new Auburn High School campus! Join us for 5 weeks of friendly competition and a fun boost to your racing. The 1-mile Kids Run will start at 5:50 pm followed by the 5K run at 6:15 pm. Pre-registration for all 5 weeks is $40 with a T-shirt ($20 without the t-shirt). $20 for kids under 12 for the 5K with a cotton t-shirt.  Kids 1-mile is free! Entry fees on a weekly basis is $5 for the 5K (everyone).  Results will be posted each week.
* Link to registration form

Dealing with Summer Heat
If the Auburn hills haven’t been challenging enough, summer in the “Loveliest Village on the Plains” doesn’t make it any easier. As they say, it’s not only the heat, but the humidity, which takes the wind out of the sails from the most devoted runner. Use the handy table below to regulate your effort levels. Take extra precautions when the apparent temperature goes above 90-degrees. Click on the chart or the link for the source article and additional tips when running in the heat.

Early Morning Running Group Weekly Schedule

Due to popular demand, we've created a daily group running schedule for our early birds!  Interested members and non-members are welcome to meet, rain or shine, at the following locations at 5:00 AM and typically complete around 6 miles. Runs are canceled during severe weather (tornado warnings, lightning, etc).
Mon: Chappy’s @ Glenn/Dean
Tue: Auburn University “old” track (near Samford Ave / Biggio Dr)
Wed: CVS Pharmacy on S. College St. (park between CVS and Newk’s)
Thu: Downtown at the “old Big Dog” store next to Halftime Bar & Grill
FriCVS Pharmacy on S. College St. (park between CVS and Newk’s)

Charity Miles!
If you’re motivated to help others, the free app Charity Miles helps you earn money for charities while you walk, run, or bike! The Android/iOS app uses your phone’s GPS to track your exercise. The first time you open the app, you’ll sign up and choose a charity among the list of 41 organizations. After that, each time you open it up, you’ll select an event such as walking, running, or biking. You’ll then earn 10 cents a mile for biking or 25 cents a mile for walking or running for your designated charity! Funds are provided by corporate sponsors who, in turn, receive ad space on the app. To date, this app has raised over $2.5 million! Download the app at one of the links below.
Important: After signing up, join Team AORTA and let’s do this together!

AORTA Online Apparel Store!
Looking for AORTA logo products to wear proudly? Now’s your chance! The AORTA custom online store is now open where you can custom order various products such as t-shirts, polos, sweats, jackets, bags and more! Select from official AORTA logos or choose a pre-designed graphic to add to your favorite items! No minimum order, and products are shipped directly to your home! Click here or on the AORTA sweatshirt at right to view the store.

Use Promo code qyJNZE7h to save $10 on any order (step 3 of checkout)!  Also get a FREE T-SHIRT on every order over $85.

Volunteer Gift Card Drawings!
To show our appreciation for volunteers, AORTA members who sign up for a water stop or as an AORTA race support volunteer will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card for various local restaurants and shops! The drawing for water stop volunteers will be held on a monthly basis while the one for supported races will be held at the race itself!  To be eligible, you must be a club member (sign up through the RunSignUp link above) then click on one of the sites below.

Recent Volunteer Gift Card Winners!
- March Water Stops: Mike Milford
- 2018 A-Day Autism 5K: Mari Wilkes
- 2018 Dufner Dash: Rachel Crafton-Stiver
- 2018 Royalty Run: Mike Brown
- 2018 Unity Stampede: Laura Crowe
- April Water Stops: Lisa Plaisance
- 2018 Paws for a Cause: Liz Zenas
- 2018 Be The Light for Mental-Health Awareness: Mari Wilkes
- May Water Stops: Beth Ladisla
- 2018 Summer 
Blast Family Fun Run & 5K: Bob Banks
- 2018 I Run Opelika / Dad’s League 5K: Lori Hardee

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