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AORTA Membership List

1200/600 Mile Club

The AORTA 1200/600 Mile Club is an elite (some call crazy!) group of runners who strive to complete either 1200 or 600 miles in a single calendar year. Those who reach these milestones receive a special AORTA article presented at the Annual Holiday party!  But… only AORTA members are allowed this special privilege!

In addition to logging 1200 or 600 miles during the calendar year, members of the 1200/600 Mile Club are expected to be members of AORTA and volunteer for AORTA supported races as well as Saturday morning water stops during the calendar year depending on which distance club they join.

                             AORTA Supported Races     AORTA Water Stops
1200 Mile Club                  Three                                  Three
600 Mile Club                    Two                                     Two

1200/600 Mile Club Totals to Date

1200/600 Mile Totals 2023
1200/600 Mile Totals 2022
1200/600 Mile Totals 2021
1200/600 Mile Totals 2020
1200 Mile Totals 2019
1200 Mile Totals 2018

1200 Mile Totals 2017
1200 Mile Totals 2016
1200 Mile Totals 2015
1200 Mile Totals 2014
1200 Mile Totals 2013

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