AORTA Finish Line

Race Services
AORTA conducts and assists in numerous races in the Auburn-Opelika communities throughout the year. We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to assist in organizing road races from a one-mile dash to a half marathon. Using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to accurately record and post race results within hours of race completion.

Specifically, our race services include:
- Planning assistance to the race director from registration to race day.
- Advertisement on AORTA’s main website.
- Runners bibs at no additional cost.
- Finish line “arch” setup with finishing “chute” (pictured above).
- PA system for pre-race, post-race announcements, and music.  Also used to call out runners names as they cross the finish line.
- Course markers placed at all turns and critical locations to guide runners.
- Award listings upon race completion provided to the race director.
- Start/Finish line video.
- Online race results. Also listed on AORTA’s website.

We continuously accept applications for local races to include in our club race series. However, due to the high demand for these services during the racing season, AORTA may be unable to fulfill every request.  Here is the current list of reserved dates.
Note: Due to the limitations of local volunteer availability, we can only support one race per weekend and only those within the Auburn/Opelika metropolitan area.

Sat, 05/06/23: Highlands College 10K (equipment only)
Sat, TBD/23: Amber’s Donor Dash 5K (moved from 04/29/23)
Sat, 08/19/23: Chi O Color Run 5K
Sat, 09/02/23: Not recommended - AU vs. UMass
Sat, 09/09/23:
Benjamin's Bone Marrow Match 5K/10K
Sat, 09/16/23: Not recommended - AU vs. Samford
Sat, 09/30/23: Not recommended - AU vs. Georgia
Sat, 10/07/23:
Tough Ten / Tough Two
Wed, 10/11/23: Run for Ruby 5K
Sat, 10/21/23: Not recommended - AU vs. Ole Miss
Sun, 10/22/23: 
Beat Bama Food Drive 5K, AU
Sat, 10/28/23: Not recommended - AU vs. Miss State
Sat, 11/04/23:
Mercy Medical 5K/10K
Sat, 11/11/23: Circles Fun Run 5K
Sat, 11/18/23: Not recommended - AU vs. New Mexico State
Sat, 11/25/23: Not recommended - AU vs. Alabama
Sat: 12/02/23: 2023 Jingle Jog 5K / Santa Stroll 1-Mile (tentative)
Sat: 12/09/232023 Toys for Tots 10K / 5K /1-Mile (tentative)

Sat, 03/16/24: 
KD Shamrock 5K
Sat: 12/07/24: 2024 Jingle Jog 5K / Santa Stroll 1-Mile (tentative)
Sat: 12/14/242024 Toys for Tots 10K / 5K /1-Mile (tentative)

If you are interested in using AORTA to support your event, please fill out and submit the request form below.

Online AORTA Race Services Request Form
To request AORTA’s race services, click HERE to fill out the online form and we’ll contact you shortly to begin organizing your race! The baseline fee is $400. We require race directors setup online registrations through as we found it to offer the best experience and interface between race directors, runners, and AORTA race services.

AORTA Race Director Guide (Updated 04/20/2023)   

Download and use this as a step-by-step guide, tailored specifically for the Auburn/Opelika area, with actionable items to check-off as you go through each of your event planning and execution phases.

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